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Where do I BEGIN?! First, I wanted to thank each and every one of you-- whether you're new and stumbled across my blog-- or if you've been a long term follower! I have been in mental health for about 7 years now! I have never been more satisfied being able to give back to my community, friends and peers! I am currently a Masters Level student on the very end of my licensure road! Thats right! in a few short months I will be LICENSED! I have been a registered counselor for as long as I remember! 

Also, I am a proud wife and mama of two wild boys.

This blog is super special to me because it features ways to handle real life situations. I juggle grad school, full time work AND full time mom and there is no guide to "managing it all". So because my focus is mental health, I chose to be an advocate for that. Mental health is so important to me and I hope I can strive to make an impact on someones life !

So stick around fro the journey and let's tackle this thing we call life together!

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