Sephora Must Haves|Spring Sale

Let the Sephora sale begin!

So I am hugeeee on skincare and makeup and SEPHORA! I am a girl that struggles with eczema so moisturizer is my best friend (and of course cleansers too). Here are my top favorite Sephora finds for the spring! This sale is my absolute favorite!

So if you didn't know Sephora has tiers for their rewards programs, Rogue, VIB and Insider.

Rogue spring sale access begins on 4/9- 4/19

VIB spring sale access begins on 4/13- 4/19 Insider spring sale access begins on 4/15- 4/19

Whether you're an OG Sephora user or a new user, there's a place for you in this sale! If you're not signed up already, sign up [HERE]!



As I've said before, skincare is super important to me due to my eczema that sometimes flares up on my face as well, so finding a moisturizer that does its job is like a game of chess honestly. Here are my top moisturizers!

  1. This is my number 1 moisturizer of all time! Linked [HERE] It hydrates my skin sooo well plus they have the night cream too! also linked [HERE] How amazing is this combination. I have been changing out my moisturizers since the beginning of 2021, trying different formulas and this one took the cake.

  2. This one is another top favorite brand for added hydration to my face. The sleeping mask is linked [HERE] and to complete the skin care routine, about once a week, I also use the Lip Sleeping Mask, linked [HERE]. My lips feel so hydrated and soft, its literally amazing!

Next up is the best everyday face cleanser!

Linked [HERE] is one of my favorite cleansers I have been obsessed with recently. A lot of the times, I would use a cleanser and it would dry out my skin so much after rinsing and this one does not! I have been using the cleanser more recently twice a day and I have noticed a HUGE change.

Being a mom or just having a bunch of stuff going on, I constantly have bags under my eyes and I could not seem to get them to go away until recently. Here's a product I swear by! linked [HERE] is my favorite favorite gold eye masks.

Everything Makeup

Primers and setting sprays are my best friend! This 24k rose gold skin mist is AMAZING! Linked [HERE].

I use this as a pick me up throughout the day and it holds up so nicely.

My top primers are linked [HERE] and [HERE].

This one is more of a mattifying primer (I get a very oily T-Zone) this helps so much with that.

This one is so smooth and leaves such a nice hydrating finish. I absolutely love that it is also lone wear/all night.

This is my favorite mascara on the market! I swear by this one linked [HERE]

If you're also oily like me, you'll love this loose powder, linked [HERE]. Definitely my top favorite loose powders, no shine (mattifying) and translucent; this always completes my looks and makes everything look so much more "together" and even.

Before this year I was such a neutral girl with my lip combo! But now, I am into reds! I feel like they go all year round. These are 2 of my favorite reds, I love a good pop and I am obsessed with matte.

You can't go wrong with this classic matte lip linked [HERE] I also feel like a boss with this red!

This red is a bit sassy but it's an absolute love! linked [HERE]. This is my go to on date nights!

As much as I wear makeup, taking it off is such a hassle! haha but I have a new favorite balm that makes it so much easier to get your skin clean while removing the makeup! Linked [HERE]


Marble Surface

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