What To Do When You're Overwhelmed|Tips and Alternatives

Its okay to not be okay...but on those days when you're feeling stuck, try this.

-Reach out

I debated on adding this one first, because so many people are not ready for this step... however, not enough know when it's time. Seeking counseling should be 100% your choice when you are ready to take that next step to help yourself and seek guidance. But here's the less scary thing, reaching out doesn't ONLY have to be with a counselor...it can be to a friend, partner, spouse, or even a co-worker you trust. Reaching out takes so much strength and a huge step in the right direction, don't discredit that.

-Physical activities

Exercise, yoga, running, biking, hiking, at home gyms, swimming... so may physical activities can serve as a coping mechanism. Try them out..and if you've tried yoga before and found its not your thing, try it in a different way. I once went to this spa in New York and did something called Hot Yoga. It's exactly what it sounds like but better! It not only relaxed my muscles but this was so new to me and I became excited to try something new. I will say, it's not for everyone, but trying something different can sometimes be the best decision.

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-Grounding Techniques

I feel like I am a cliche when i say this is one of my favorite techniques to do in so many different situations (especially being a counselor). But it is! If you don't know what the grounding technique heres the activity to try. Now this can be used when you're feeling anxious, feeling like you're having a panic attack, excessive worrying, or feeling overwhelming depressive symptoms /self injurious here's something you can try:

5 things you can see

4 things you can touch

3 things you can hear

2 things you can smell

1 thing you taste

*This really helps when saying out-loud*

- Distraction techniques

With a distraction; it can give you that time to de-escalate in a situation, re-evaluate and self soothe.

Pintrest is my go to for new recipes or a new fun activity with my boys; they work wonders for when I need a distraction or need to decompress. Have you ever created a mood board, or a home decor inspo board? or even a mental health board with inspirational quotes and the realness of mental health? Here's my board I have created and I just love doing it.

Theres nothing more distracting (and relaxing) to me than watching my favorite movie with popcorn! (definitely gives me the movie feel with popcorn).

I am no chef ok, but whenever I indulge in a new recipe, I am so relaxed... and when the recipe comes out delicious, I feel even better lol. I have been using Blue Apron to help me with that part. The meals come pre portioned to your door! How much more stress free can it get? They have so may meals to choose from and different category options to choose from, so if you're looking for carb friendly, diabetes, friendly, vegan, even Mediterranean meals, they've got you covered. Click HERE to get your $100 offer! now thru 4/11!

Have you ever tried journaling? Well what about journaling in modification? What I do with clients (children) is making it into a game. It lets out so much anger or frustration while writing it out gets those other emotions out! Here's a modified way to journal. Grab a piece of paper, and answer these questions.

1. What am I feeling?

2. Why

3. Who? (If this was brought on by a person then) list the situation that has brought you to the mood you're currently in.

4. What did I learn from this situation? and what could I have done differently?

Once you're all done writing these out....rip up the paper into a bunch of pieces. I know this seems silly, but don't knock it until you try it!

Take it one day at a time!


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